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Our family drinks Original LIMU which is a nutritional superfood, made from the sea plant LIMU MOUI, to boost our Immune System. Discarding the empty glass bottles seemed like such a waste that we decided to come up with an idea to re-cycle them. My sister and I decided that we would make Hummingbird Feeders with the empty bottles since we had an ample supply.

Hummingbirds have returned to the Dallas area and since I am retired, I spend time watching them stop by to refuel their bodies with a drink from my Hummingbird Feeders.

Our hand painted Hummingbird Feeders, made from recycled LIMU bottles, can hang from the eve of your home or in a tree in your backyard.  We use special glass paint and a paint sealer to protect the art work so the bottle is dishwasher safe. The hook the feeder hangs by has been glued to the bottle with a special adhesive that does not deteriorate.  The copper wire that is wrapped around the feeder has a rubber cap glued on each end to prevent injury due to the copper wire and by the end of the season the copper wire will oxide and turn green and blend in with the art work.

The base does not leak and I have not seen any ants on my feeders, wasps and bees show up but leave as soon as they figure out they can’t get to the nectar.

So we thought that we would try to supplement our Social Security by starting a business where people can purchase an item that not only brings them pleasure by watching Hummingbirds but also add to the beauty of their yard.

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