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Our hummingbird feeders are made from recycled Original LIMU bottles. These bottles originally contained a liquid food supplement that our family drinks to boost our Immune system and overall health.

Instead of throwing the bottles into the trash we decided to recycle them into Hummingbird Feeders. We contracted with local DFW Metroplex artisans to create the art work on the bottles using a special glass paint. Each artist was given the freedom to create their own design making each bottle unique.

A clear coat sealant was then applied to their art work making the artwork dishwasher safe and preventing the design from being scratched off.

A hook is attached to the bottle using a special glass adhesive that cures in the sun and will not come off.  The bottles are then wrapped with copper.

The base for the Hummingbird Feeder comes from Poteet, Texas and the copper wire is from Storm Copper Components, Co. in Decatur Tennessee.

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Also, here are a few additional bits of information to make your adventure into hummingbird watching more enjoyable.


1) Try to keep your Hummingbird Feeder out of the direct sun. Because the sun causes a pressure to build up in the bottle that forces more of the Nectar into the Feeder Base, which causes the Nectar to bubble up out of the Feeder holes. The result is that you have bees and wasps coming to the Feeder and that causes the Hummingbirds to stay away. This also will cause you to find ants that have gotten into the bottle through the base and drown, but donít worry the drowned ants donít brother the Hummingbirds.

2) Try to change the Nectar every week to 10 days unless the Hummingbirds drink most of the Nectar. Anytime longer than that and the Nectar may sour and the Hummingbirds will stay away.


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